Friday, April 4, 2008

MVP vs Villafuerte

You knew it had to happen sooner or later.  Now that there has been some semblance of leadership and progress, both in the grassroots level and the national team level, those searching for relevance are indeed predictably putting their self interests ahead of the country's.  Congressman Villafuerte wrote a very strong letter to Manny Pangilinan outlining his gripes about how the BAP-SBP was run.  The two gentlemen are the chairman and president of the current NSA.  Strong words were used and a lot of misguided accusations about mishandling of funds and ignoring stature.  But in the end, it all sounded like a spoiled brat yelling and screaming because they were not getting what they wanted despite the overall good being accomplished.

The BAP or Pilipinas Basketball (PB) both should have ceased to exist after FIBA agreed to the new group SBP.  But the BAP continues to elect officers, conduct coaching clinics, and organize tournaments.  FIBA has already rebuffed BAP after world body found out about the tournaments BAP was organizing outside of the new organization.  

I respect Manny Pangilinan for being willing to use his resources to advance the cause of Philippine basketball.  I think he's earned the respect with all the things he's done to help out.  The other(s) who are trying to enter the picture haven't done anything to merit respect for the sport yet in my eyes.  The BAP, with their failures in the past two decades wants to regain power.  The power to screw things up once again.


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