Thursday, April 17, 2008

MVP: My Pick

This year's MVP race is not clear cut.  Many always debate which criteria should be used in determining who should be called the best basketball player on the planet that year.  Stats, leadership, team performance, and value to a team should always be considered.  I think one more criteria should be if people look back  at any given season, who had the most impact on the league in general that year.

Lebron James can make a case having the most all round statistics all season.  The guy just didn't show any weaknesses all season long and proved he can lead and carry a team to victory.  He was also the star of stars during the Allstar game.  The problem is that his team wouldn't even make the playoffs if they were in the Western Conference.

Kevin Garnett came in and orchestrated the best turnaround in NBA history for any team leading the Boston Celtics back to glory.  His numbers were down from previous years but high enough to still be a fantasy stud.  Being the best player on the best team merits consideration.  But he missed double digit games due to an abdominal injury.

Chris Paul actually fits the bill to a tee.  He is the clear leader of the Hornets.  He led the league in assists and steals and only Jose Calderon had a better assist to turnover ratio.  His team also made a run for the best conference record.  He is no doubt the best point guard on the planet right now.

But my pick would be Kobe Bryant.  I think he equalled Paul in all criteria except that he made more of an impact on the league.  From his preseason antics to his hand injury to leading his Lakers to the 2nd best record in the NBA, his name was always at the forefront this season.  In a league where amazing does happen, Kobe lived up to the league's slogan night in and night out answering every challenge given him.  I can't imagine ever looking back in NBA history and reminiscing how Bryant never won an MVP especially after already winning 3 championships.  Nowitszki, Nash, Garnett, Iverson, Barkley and Malone have all won the award and yet no rings.  


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