Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Has the Sun set on Phoenix?

The Spurs have their game stuck on automatic.  Duncan is playing like...  well ... Tim Duncan, Parker is shooting lights out and Ginobili is living up to his 6th man of the year award.  But call me crazy but from what i saw in the first two games, I still think the Suns will advance to meet the Hornets.  Of course in a few days, if the Suns lose game 3, this entry will be proof that I don't know what I'm talking about.

Phoenix had one "hiccup" quarter in the 2nd game.  They played pretty well in the other 7 quarters of the first 2 games so far.  Phoenix was retooled to specifically beat the Spurs.  Missed easy shots by Amare and company and better than normal perimeter shooting from the San Antonio guards did the trick for the defending champions.  I definitely think it'll be a different story in Phoenix the next 2 games.  Call me crazy but it's not out of the question Phoenix goes on to win the next 4 straight.  Ok, we'll see what happens before I get committed to an insane asylum by super Spurs fan and BTV marketing guy Rely San Agustin.  


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