Sunday, April 13, 2008

Kansas Konnection

I reluctantly joined a March Madness pool this year since I knew very little of the U.S. NCAA teams for the tournament.  Going through the brackets, I probably saw 4-5 teams at most in action through BTV or ESPN.  The pool was started by Carlo Singson, the Senior Marketing Manger for NBA Asia, a fellow alumnus of Northwestern University.

I am proof of the theory that anyone can win that pool whether you know your stuff or not.  The week before the start of the tournament, I covered a game with Wayne Simien, the 1st round draft pick of the Miami Heat in 2006 when they won the championship.  He was visiting to help out in the Nike Elite Camp.  He played his college ball in Kansas.  Naturally, when I picked my teams, I had the Jayhawks ringing through my head.  So when I finished my bracket, Kansas was the National Champ.  When the tournament finished 3 weeks later, Kansas was the National Champ.  I'm sure Wayne is very happy right now that his alma mater got another trophy.  

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