Saturday, April 5, 2008

Bye Bye Isaiah

As a Chicago Bulls fan, I am sad to see Isaiah Thomas leave New York.  He has been the best thing that could have happened to the Knicks if you're rooting for their competitors.  He has single handedly wasted the team's money on overpaid over the hill players and really questionable draft choices.  We (The Bulls fans) have him to thank for Joekim Noah and Tyrus Thomas although they haven't really fully developed into something that would make Thomas leaving New York even sadder.

He has brought embarrassment to the Knicks as a general manager with his bad choices and his sexual harassment case.  He brought embarrassment to himself as a coach who seems to not know discipline and direction for the team.  Walsh, his replacement, is a much more competent person but finding somebody more competent than Isaiah isn't that difficult.

So gone are the days of not having to worry about the Knicks as contenders in the East.  Some good things might actually happen there now that Thomas is gone.


Anonymous said...

You're right, Jude. Some good things will come to New York now that Isiah has left. Sana makarma siya tulad ng taong nagnakaw ng bag ko sa Cubao last Friday!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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