Sunday, April 20, 2008

Luck of the Irish

Ok, it might be a few days late to make predictions considering most of the first round series have already started in the NBA playoffs.  But I did join some fantasy brackets so there is proof that my picks were done before the NBA's 2nd season started.

Let's cut to the chase, I did pick the Boston Celtics to win it all this year.  They have just been so dominant during the season and I can't see any weaknesses at all.  The addition of some veterans late in the season solidified their chances and this is a trophy for them to lose right now.  

I picked Phoenix to beat the Spurs and go all the way to the Conference Finals.  This is the best 1st round matchup in the history of the league and game 1's double overtime is just the beginning.  GM Steve Kerr traded for Shaq precisely to be able to advance in the playoffs and he should win front office man of the year if they do get past San Antonio.  I thought the Spurs were the team to beat all season long because of their experience but some injuries and their performance late in the season leads me to conclude they are not peaking at the right time.  They're also a team who historically hasn't won back to back titles.

I had the Lakers going all the way to the finals mainly because of Phil Jackson's track record in the playoffs when given the proper material.  He has got to be the best coach in adjusting from game to game so it'll be very difficult to beat his team 4 out of 7 times.  

The rest of my picks had the Jazz breezing through the Rockets, the Pistons barely beating the Sixers, the Cavs courtesy of Lebron edging out the Wizards, the Hornets continuing the Dallas slide in the playoffs and the Raptors giving little resistance to the Magic.  But all of this comes from a guy who thought the Bulls would challenge for the Eastern Conference Championship.

This the best time of the year for hoops fans.  BTV and C/S is set to telecast most of the games so it's time to sit back and watch amazing happen for the next 10 weeks.


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