Thursday, April 24, 2008

Customized Kicks

In going along with the spirit of individuality and finding your own identity in this world, Adidas embarked on empowering their customers by coming up with the Mi (pronounced like "my") Adidas program last year.  It's basically a way for users to personalize their shoe with their own colors, graphics and logos to add character to the relationship between person and footwear.

For those who know me, my "mi adidas" shoe turned out to be mildly predictable.  First off, my favorite sport is basketball so choosing the Pro Model was a no brainer.  I feel most comfortable playing in black so it was the most dominant color.  Since I did live in Chicago for 12 years, placing a Bulls logo and using red as the complimentary color seemed like the most basic thing to do.  And yes, the number 23 is there in honor of his airness, Michael Jordan.  I did think about adding a little purple since I grew into liking it as the school colors of my alma mater but the color didn't seem to have a place anywhere in the shoe.

I debated whether to place my name or "kaboom", a term, it seems many people associate me with from sports broadcasting.  The picture answers the choice that won the internal debate.  After adding a few more touches here and there, I got myself a nice personalized Pro Model kicks!  Only the Trinoma branch offers this kind of customization and certainly worth a shot for all who value their individuality and the power of choice.


kiko kaboinks said...

hi kaboom, how much would the customized shoes cost? thanks :) by the way long time no see :D

longge said...

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