Monday, March 31, 2008

Who's the next PBA TV Coveror?

The PBA opened the new import conference last Sunday with Red Bull and Air21 beating Ginebra and Welcoat respectively.   But aside from the new imports strutting their stuff, many have been interested in the status of its television coverage.  ABC 5 is covering their last conference under their current contract and there have been a lot of rumors floating around as to where the PBA will be in the next All Filipino tournament.  ABC5 is partnering with a Malaysian company to reformat the channel so we still have to see if the PBA is part of that plan.

All indications are that the PBA is very interested in Studio 23 under ABS-CBN.  The PBA board has met with the giant TV network at least 4 times already which almost assures that there have been negotiations ongoing back and forth unless of course they just like each other's company.  Some say that Studio 23 is in because they are reformatting (again) into a male oriented sports channel since all their other formats haven't worked so there is a fit.

So the question is: Is Solar interested in getting involved and giving the PBA coverage a shot?  I think Solar's interest will stem from how fair the process will really be.  If ABS and the PBA have already been talking before even any kind of terms of reference have been given out, there has to be an assurance that the league is sincere in really getting the best possible option to improve itself.  Solar has not received any official communication from the PBA to bid or even make an offer yet so let's see how this thing unfolds.  I'm sure ABS has given an excellent case for taking over the TV coverage.  Will the board listen to other options?  It just makes the best sense to at least first check out all options on the table before making a decision.

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Anonymous said...

Kaboom, ABC's financial problems started when they lost money because of Philippine Idol which didn't get high ratings and wasn't a big hit with the fans.

I cannot blame ABC if they are letting go of the PBA because their financial situation isn't that good right now.

But I heard that ABC is willing to air the new league Liga Pilipinas under former PBA Commissioner Noli Eala, who is known to be very close to the ABC people.