Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Search for a National Champ

Who really is the best college basketball team every year?  That is a question that is disputed every year by all who follow college sports.  We have had attempts to determine a national champion but most of the schools don't take it seriously enough so it's difficult to lay claim to a true champion.  I have been hoping and working to make crowning a champion a reality since I moved to the Philippines 12 years ago.

The BAP-SBP is set to change all that.  For the first time ever, there is hope in crowning a true "Philippine Collegiate Champion".  Over 250 schools nationwide will be part of a 5 month search for a champion.  The UAAP/NCAA teams will be the strongest of course but even then, their champions are not always accepted as the best in the country because they don't play all the other teams outside their league.  Since I am part BTV, we will do everything we can to advance this cause.

We will have "power rankings" and weekly updates on all tournaments all over the land.  It is an ambitious undertaking but I am confident that there are enough people and fans out there who are in the same boat of wanting a national championship for college basketball.

Manny Pangilinan, current president of BAP-SBP also has this vision along with Rey Gamboa (former PBA chairman) who will be organizing this undertaking.  The press conference and contract signing got everyone excited as the schools nationwide (including the UAAP/NCAA) have agreed to take this to heart and participate in full.  The format is a little complicated but it will try to emulate a little the current format of the US NCAA where a national champions is crowned every year.  So good luck to all and we will start publishing power rankings by June.  I'm hoping to get suggestions as to how to rank the teams.  I think media and coaches should be involved every week since they're in the know when it comes to collegiate teams in the country.

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