Monday, March 17, 2008

Did Pacman Really Win Yesterday's Fight?

Hell Yeah!  I think we've all gotten used to Pacman dominating his opponents that the mere indication that his victory is not totally convincing leads a lot of us to psychologically think he lost.  It's about expectations.  Manny isn't supposed to fight and almost lose.  Manny isn't supposed to have a hard time and struggle through all 12 rounds, especially when he knocks down his opponent senseless on his butt in the 3rd round.

Pacquiao fought a true champion who did enough to deserve a win.  But the champion got clocked and fell on his back.  All three judges seemingly gave the same number of rounds to each fighter.  So that knockdown was the difference.  Thank God for Manny's power.

There were some pretty scary moments... I reckon that if I was a Mexican rooting for Marquez, I would have the same sentiments and even more so because of the knockdown.

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