Monday, March 10, 2008

Baby Bull Stumbles!

There was a time last year when I thought that Juan "Baby Bull" Diaz was the only fighter within the weight ballpark of Manny Pacquiao who our hero would have a hard time with.  He is a lightweight (135lbs), which is 5lbs heavier than Pacman's division but this guy was rolling through much quicker and agile fighters like a raging bull.  I thought he had a better chance than Marquez, David Diaz, and even Ricky Hatton who Manny was scheduled to fight this year.

Last weekend, Juan got schooled by Nate Campbell, a guy seemingly out of nowhere to take all three of his world title belts away.  It was Diaz' first loss in his over 30 professional fights so far.  This has got to be the first legit upset of 2008.  The organizers have already sent the tape of the fight to be shown on Solar Sports after the Pacquiao fight.  Don King, his promoter must be going crazy.

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