Saturday, March 22, 2008

Upset City!

Those who grew up in the U.S. and follow sports know how awesome the March Madness Tournament is.  The frenzy of 64 teams all playing within a two day span to start things off then having a win or go home situation every game is just plain exciting.  Not to take anything away from the circus but the sheer unpredictability of the NCAA tournament makes it the greatest show on earth.  

One thing of note to Filipinos is that the Western Kentucky Hilltopers (WKU), whose team has had more than its share of exposure on Basketball TV (BTV) made it as a #12 seed as an underdog against #5 Drake.  WKU's overdose in BTV was because former Ateneo Blue Eagle, Japeth Aguilar is in the lineup as a backup forward/center.  He did play the first couple of games before getting injured for the rest of the season.  Japeth is 6'9" tall and can jump out of the building.  In fact, he's the best dunker for his team.

Well, the Hilltoppers are the story of at least the first round of this year's tournament!  They beat Drake in overtime (99-98) off a last second 26 foot three pointer from a guy named Ty Rogers, Japeth's teammate.  Although Aguilar hasn't played in months, his experience as a member of a division I school that won in the NCAA tournament will reap dividends down the line in his career.  He is still a long shot for the NBA but with a couple of more years, he'll be a lock as a PBA star.


Anonymous said...

Jude, first of all, i switched to destiny cable to watch NBA games everyday. your coverage is good, but one thing i don't like is that you keep on showing Laker games. like, this week, you'll show 3 laker games. it's ok for me, but they are against a non-playoff team (bobcats & grizzlies). instead of showing the game against charlotte, why not show the game between the Suns and the Celtics? siguro naman Phoenix and Boston have more fans than the Lakers and bobcats. and on saturday, you will show the Lakers vs. Grizzlies. Wow! why not show the game between the hornets and the celtics or the suns and the sixers?

sorry if i sound angry but these are just what i observe..

Judester said...

I didn't realize there was a post this far back. The NBA pretty much decides which games are shown on NBATV which is the feed BTV and C/S gets. There a few times where we do request a different game and they give it.