Thursday, May 28, 2009

Is Fatigue a Valid Excuse?

I covered the 2nd game last night and one of the reasons that Alaska used was that they were tired which is why the energy was nonexistent. When I was part of the commissioner's office, teams complained all the time if they were scheduled consecutive playdates (ex: sunday then wednesday).

I'm not sure if the conditioning programs are not as comprehensive here but PBA players play maybe 50 games a year (18 elimnations plus playoffs in each conference). Those 50 games are spread out through 9 months which averages out to 5.5 games every month. It seems to me that playing less than two (2) games a week should be easy if you are in tip top shape and play basketball for a living.

The NBA players play back to backs all the time and play at least 2-3 games a week. I don't remeber players using fatigue as an excuse for not playing with energy. I realize PBA players get paid very little compared to the rest of the world but to play 4 to 5 games a month and get paid hundreds of thousands of pesos to do it aint so bad.


James Ty III said...

I don't think Alaska was overfatigued. The problem was that Ro Ellis showed his age. I felt Alaska should have gotten a younger and bigger import. Ellis was clearly outmuscled by Shawn Daniels in that game.

Anonymous said...

alaska players need to drink their milk before the game. lol.

Anonymous said...

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