Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Just got word on some of the overnight ratings numbers for the most recent Pacquiao fight.  These telecasts never cease to amaze me because no matter how many ads are placed and however many complaints are raised, an incredible number of people still watch on GMA7.

The fight is only on pay per view everywhere in the world except in the Philippines where it is also available on Free TV but with tons of commercials.  Nobody wants to sit through ad after ad after ad, but with the amount the rights have gone up and only 5 hours or so to unload sponsorships, it is really a difficult situation.

Initial numbers indicate that the Pacman fight rated an average of 64% AMR (Average Minute Rating) garnering 87% SHR which I think is now the highest ever rated program in Philippine history.  It peaked at 68% AMR and 92% SHR.  The fights vs Larios and Delahoya also breached the 60% mark but were both a little lower than Hatton.  The other network's programming only rated about 3% AMR at the same time.  If you add the viewers on Solar (simulcast) and even the primetime airing on CS9, then almost everyone who had a TV on last May 3 practically watched the fight.


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