Thursday, May 21, 2009

Blue Eagles Pre Season

This was emailed to me by Jose Flores, a fellow Northwestern alumnus who was able to watch some tune up games by the Ateneo Blue Eagles in North America. Those who cheer for Ateneo might be interested.

"They did well esp. against bad calls esp. with UBC Thunderbirds. Blue Eagles were down by twenty points in the first quarter then won last three quarters but still lost 90-77. Against SFU in front of a full house of Ateneo fans we lost 85-77. Admu was down by three with ninety seconds left. Our boys missed ten foul shots. Salamat's three points was negated at the end of the Third with a second left. The boys should compete well in the UAAP. They do need a swingman like Oping Sumanilog. Two peat looks good."


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