Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Leap of Faith

Every once in awhile, you gotta step out of your comfort zone and see if you can spread you wings some more.  

When an opportunity knocks, you look closely who's on the other end and check if it's worth opening the door.  After a long decision process to determine pros and cons of leaving a job I love and taking on another with a lot of potential but laced with uncertainly and challenge, I ended up with more check marks under "pros".

I have done all I've wanted in sports broadcasting both in front and behind the camera.  I have covered and marketed the NBA and the PBA, started my broadcast career with the UAAP, and have been part of the team to the Beijing Olympics.  I marketed the 2006 World Cup, interviewed world class athletes, and have been involved in practically every big time sports relevant to the Philippines.  I have worked with the best people in sports: All the media, coaches, players, officials, executives and everyone else who makes our sports culture tick.  

I have been to Macau, Houston, New Orleans, Portland, Singapore, Las Vegas, Jakarta, Phoenix, Chicago, and all parts of the Philippines for my job.  Solar (and its other channels) as a brand is much stronger now compared to 5 years ago.  It has truly been awesome to be part of the growth and transformation.

Now it's time to expand my universe and give another genre a shot.  I will be joining the Fox International Channels next month to start an office here in the Philippines.  It is different (at least for me) but exciting.  I am anxious but confident.  And I'm hoping the ride will be just as fulfilling.  Thank you to everyone for all your support.  I will continue to be a huge sports fan.


Anonymous said...

sir jude are you planning to launch those channels here in pinas?

pepman said...

Congratulations sir!

Anonymous said...

next announcement, will be Kaboom as a independent global network entity.

Good Luck.

Judester said...

Yup, subukan natin launch sa pinas.

"independent global network" hmmm.... don't give me ideas. hahahaha.


James said...

Jude, since Fox airs some NBA games, is it possible for you to bring more Fox NBA games to BTV?

And will you help launch Fox News Channel in Asia? You should do the sports news for Fox soon.

PauLo said...

sino ang papalit sayo sa solar?

Anonymous said...

sir jude. wag mo iiwan PBA. sana semis, finals and next conference sana mag cover ka pa rin. NBA coverage tuloy tuloy pa rin sana and other sports talk shows.



Anonymous said...


Judester said...

Hopefully, I will continue to cover the PBA and even some other sports on TV.

Solar is talking to someone from one of the Ad Agencies to possibly take over my position.


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