Monday, June 1, 2009

Disneyland or Disneyworld?

It's time to make predictions once again.  This year, the Lakers are back in the Finals but a mild surprise in Orlando awaits them.  I'm not sure about the Vegas odds but I reckon you would've made a lot of money if you bet on the Magic for the Finals appearance before the season started.

I think it would be a huge upset if the Lakers lose this series.  All they really have to do is attack Dwight Howard to get him in foul trouble then make sure to disrupt the rhythm of the Magic shooters.  If Orlando doesn't shoot well, they don't have a chance.

Looking at all factors, the Lakers have the advantage.  LA has the better coach, the better superstar, the better supporting cast, and a lot more (better?) playoff experience.  But the NBA is where Amazing Happens and this is why we still all watch so wait and see when Amazing will Happen again.

It's my first finals in the last four years sans thinking about selling and marketing the series.  Not sure if this matchup beats last year's ratings but if Orlando shoots lights out, it'll come close.

Lakers in 6.

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Anonymous said...

for me. lakers in 4-0. haha