Thursday, May 29, 2008

More Solar Advantages

Equipment.  Solar just purchased a brand new digital 6 (Sony) camera system used by the NBA to cover the games.  The system can take in as much as 12 cameras  and is capable of capturing slow motion in all cameras as opposed to only 1 slomo camera used in all of today's local coverages.  It also will have the inscriber graphic system which is the same they use in the U.S. basketball coverages.  The Sony digital cameras should also improve the clarity of signal when watched on television.

Studio 23 will most likely use the same equipment they use for the UAAP, which is the same used for the MBA.  That system is about 10 years old and although it is adequate, a lot of innovations have happened the last decade since.

A new LED system will also be installed to upgrade the current system on court being used by ABC5.  Animations and other new features will now be available for the a better and more exciting coverage.

So the graphics, clarity, and other capabilities will be the best in the country if the PBA chooses Solar.  The PBA deserves only the best and they will get it. 

Experience.  Solar has a proven sales team that can generate the revenues.  It is composed of many sales people from Vintage who generated the most tv sales for the league in its history.  The sales and marketing team also has experience from companies like ABS-CBN, GMA7, Globe Telecom, San Miguel Corporation, Ayala Corporation, Nike Philippines and MTV.  I, for one have also worked for the PBA knowing a lot of the needs of the league on how to improve things.  I also have experience working for 3 of the top 10 corporations in the country (San Miguel, Ayala Corp, ABS-CBN) so learnings from that can add to making the partnership successful.  

The Solar team also has worked closely with the NBA visiting their studios in New Jersey and has attended many NBA world class events like the NBA Allstar games and Finals where learnings can be transferred to the PBA.  The experience with working with the biggest basketball league in the world is invaluable.

As far as production goes, many from the current team came from Vintage and ABS-CBN as well.  So whether in front or behind the camera, the PBA will get the most experienced and talented crew for the games.  Production talent is not exclusive to any one network.  The best people want to work for the best properties and Solar will hire the best for the PBA.  The Solar team from production to marketing to sales to programming has as much experience if not more when it comes to sports broadcasting compared to other groups out there.


James said...

Jude, it's nice to hear that you are willing to spend a lot of money to improve the PBA coverage. If you plan to get sportscasters, try asking Sev Sarmenta. Although he still has a contract with ABS-CBN, I think there will come a time when he will have to decide his future especially with Ronnie Nathanielsz hanging over his neck.

Judester said...

Solar will look at all possible options to make the coverage as good as it can be. Sev was my teacher when I was in Ateneo taking my masters so his input will be invaluable. We'll see how it all works out as we try to figure this out internally first.

Anonymous said...

I'm a TFC and Pinoy TV subscriber here in the US. While the PBA was still with ABC5, we were able to watch regular PBA games a day late and the PBA finals live. Will Solar have a similar tie-up with TFC?

Judester said...

Yes, TFC will continue to show the PBA games.

Anonymous said...

Jude is this LED system the same thing being used on the court by the PBL in displaying ads? I hope you get a bigger and longer one since di masyado makita dun sa PBL coverage.

Also I hope Solar comes up with its own coverage theme song like TNT, ESPN etc. This would be the permanent theme of the coverage and it will forever be associated with Solar

James said...

Jude, it's best for Solar to retain the PBA theme song Laban Kung Laban, which was written and sung by Raimund Marasigan. He also wrote the PBL jingle that you guys play.

James said...

Judester, I forgot to mention ...

If you get Sev to be part of your panel, please also hire him as an executive producer for the coverage. He did this before with Vintage.

Pepman said...

Great idea, Sir Jude!

I hope that this coverage will be the best as Vintage has decades ago.

Good thing you still have plast to tie-up with Studio 23.Not really Studio 23 but TFC.

Great coverage!

Sir Jude, can you post the votes of the bid.Please.

Reginald said...

Is it possible to air live PBA games both on RPN and BTV? I think it can give advantage to cable subscribers without taking anything to those who doesn't have.

Anonymous said...

naks! goodluck PBA and SOLAR ENT CORP. sir jude, pls also air the games GMA PINOY TV..

thank you! mabuhay kayo!

Anonymous said...

Jude, What happen to RPN 9 here in Cebu totally wala na, its very unfortunate the ordinary cebuano can no longer watch the PBA, lucky for those who have Cable, Mr. KABOOm can you please follow-up on that.your state of the art equipment is nothing if the people in provinces cannot watch the games...

Anonymous said...


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