Thursday, May 29, 2008

More Reasons to Choose Solar

I forwarded most of what I've written to Quinito Henson and he's agreed to publish most of this stuff on his column for the Philippines Star.  I'm adding two more reasons for this post.

Timeslot.  ABS wants to play the games on Sunday morning so they can show it on channel 2.  Although this might be something different and even worth trying, nobody will want to watch a regular PBA game live at the venue on Sunday morning.  If a big boxing event like the "Invasion" promoted through the ABS media machinery can only draw 5,000, which is about the average attendance of the PBA, it will be considerably less for a regular PBA game.  A Pacquiao fight is a 2-3 times a year event.  Having PBA games on Sunday mornings on a regular basis will not get people to skip church and family lunches on Sundays.

Solar has a solid blocktime agreement with RPN 9 which gives the outfit the flexibility to air the PBA games so all games will be given priority on the channel to ensure the exposure for the teams.  All games will also be replayed on Basketball TV.

Positioning.  Solar presented a very compelling re-positioning plan for the league and its coverage based on experience and the current situation in the market.  It is a complete makeover and change from how the current coverage was being handled.  It is the kind of out of the box thinking that can give the league a boost in popularity using principles from recent bestsellers like "The Tipping Point" and "The Long Tail".  It goes beyond showbiz cross promotions and a morning time slot.  It touches on "social epidemics" and how the PBA has to attract the select few who influence the lives and mold perceptions of the masses. Solar will bring class back to the league and attract all social classes again, not just the lower class.   (one more post on this topic after this).


Anonymous said...


Please make it a 90% English Coverage. Languange I guess is the best way to make the league classy again.

Look the video collections of this youtube link showing some past PBA features. Listen to the commentators. Iba talaga pag English. Masy may dating

Anonymous said...

Jude, I agree wholeheartedly on your insights regarding the Sunday morning games ABS-CBN wanted to air.

The Lopez network wanted this because it felt that it wanted to compete with you guys after they lost the rights to Manny Pacquiao's fights.

When ABS-CBN began airing fights from other boxers and aired them on the slots usually reserved for Pacquiao's fights, most of them became farces. Imagine, getting a fight of Oscar de la Hoya who is clearly past his prime and facing a fighter who didn't deserve to be in the ring in the first place. Expectedly, those fights paled in comparison not just to Solar's sports events, but also the shows of GMA Network.

When the PBL games were aired on Studio 23, ABS-CBN brought in its sexy stars like Aleck Bovick, Apreal Tolentino, Jen Rosendahl and Michelle Bayle to perform during the opening rites, which looked more like a variety show. No wonder the PBL's ratings were low.

When you got the PBL games, you limited the musical numbers and made the muses simple.

Judester, is it possible to air some PBA finals games on GMA network considering your relationship with the Kapuso camp?

Anonymous said...

The PBA has the right to choose it's network,the only thing that dissapoints me is them having to pull out PBA players for the RP team cause.I know this is way off the topic but knowing these facts made me lose interest on the PBA..please check our threads regarding this matter on our forum>>

Anonymous said...

James is balimbing! Before you were praising ABS-CBN and you wanted them to win so your so favorite celebrities will be at the venue.

James Ty III, 11. April 2008, 13:51
With ABC pulling out of the PBA bidding, Studio 23’s chances of getting the PBA telecast are brighter now.

Solar Sports, the other bidder, wants to put the games on RPN-9, which is a sequestered network.

At least with Studio 23 and ABS-CBN, there’s better security for the league.

Channel 2 can even air one game on Sunday nights as part of the package.

Anonymous said...

1st of all, congratulations for the PBA deal.
I would just like to request for you to have more features of the PBA outside of the games, like what you are doing w/ the NBA. Features like the greatest games of the 90's, 80's and even the 70's. Also the greatest games of the 25 greatest players, like Caidic, Samboy, Patrimonio, Paras, Jaworski and the others. Players foundations and charity works. Even their investments and business.
I have been sending emails to the ABC and Vintage before, I even called up the PBA office in Libis. But all they did was ignored me. I told them that w/ this ideas, it will surely upgrade the interest of more viewers especially the fans they loss when the Big J retired. At the same time briging in all the Fil-SHAMs.
I hope u can take a look w/ thsee ideas.
Thank you very much. And good luck to all the future endeavors of SOLAR Sports and to you as well


Anonymous said...

sir jude, request ko lang magkaroon sana ng show si LIA like House of Hoops "PBA PINOY STYLE"..


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