Wednesday, May 21, 2008


The chances were at 1.7 percent.  It was about the same percentage as the chances of the Bulls to make the playoffs this year (at least that what it seemed like).  The lottery was installed so that teams would stop tanking games at the end of the season just to get a better draft position.  So the worst team doesn't always get the number 1 pick.

The Bulls were not the worst team this season.  But over 2/3 of the league was better.  The NBA Draft Lottery worked its magic for Chicago and harnessed 1.7% worth of luck to land what could be another turning point in franchise history.  They didn't deserve the luck after all the bonehead decisions post Jordan era.  Now choosing either Beasley or Rose has a 1.7% chance of not helping the Bulls back into the playoffs.  That 1.7% also immediately increased season attendance and revenue by $1.7M within 1.7 minutes.  The off season just got 1.7 times more fun for Chicago fans.  Ok, I'll stop now.


Billy said...

The Bulls had the first in 1999 and they got Elton Brand. Too bad things didnt work out with him around. I just hope the Bulls will make the right choice. Though I admire their team-oriented style of play, they need someone who could already create an immediate impact similar to what Lebron and Carmelo did with their respective teams.

Judester said...

Bulls need a superstar. Right now they have a bunch of "almost allstars" which will not win any championships. They need a go to guy when the going gets tough.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Jude,out of topic.How can i get a copy of the last AFF playoffs in Iloilo.Or some of the of the recent RP football games?Does Solar make VCD/DVD's of them.Now,I gave you an idea,didn't I?Just kiddin'

Judester said...

Sometimes special requests are accomodated to dub certain programming for private use. Please email and the administrator should be able to forward the request to the programming group. The can determine if it's doable and what the process is.