Saturday, May 24, 2008

ABS-CBN Pulls Out

ABS-CBN after having exclusive negotiations with the PBA for two months, withdrew its bid for the broadcast rights of the most popular league in the country.  The reason given was that although they were able to agree on many issues, there were a few that were non negotiable so the big network decided it wasn't worth it.

Reports from news articles state that the board had already decided and in fact had an overwhelming 8-1 vote.  Purefoods even requested to have their vote counted for this matter as they also strongly felt Solar was a better choice to make it 9-1.  So with everything moot and academic, ABS-CBN decided to pull out before an official statement was made by the PBA.  Third party groups also recommended Solar over the giant network for reasons only the board would know right now.

Whatever the reason for the pullout, Solar now has an excellent chance in getting the nod on Tuesday when the board convenes again about the matter.  Being the one who put together the presentation, I certainly believe Solar's bid was compelling with or without the pullout.  If the PBA does decide to award the rights to Solar, I will post some of the bid details here so everyone can appreciate the strength of the proposal.  It seems practically all the board members saw the merits of what was presented by Solar compared to Studio 23.


Anonymous said...

Congrats, Judester! Hope the PBA finally gets back on track with Solar as its new broadcaster! Don't listen to the criticisms of the other losing bidder. We are solidly behind you and your efforts to improve RPN and the league.

Anonymous said...

typical abs-cbn, pag talo instead of accepting it they just walk away. parang sila pa ang api at sikat.

Ganoon talaga pag galing ATeneo ang amo. Pag hindi nakuha ang gusto nagtatampo.

Anonymous said...

haha.. tama! kasi lagi talo ang abs-cbn. kaya iyak na lang sila.

good job solar entertainment!