Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Where "The Best Ratings Ever" Happens

In the middle of the NBA season, when the Lakers traded for Pau Gasol, many started to dream of a finals series between Boston and Los Angeles.  Why not?  The Celtics had the best record in the league and with the addition of the Spanish center, the Lakers had arguably the best starting five (5) in the world.  There were questions for both squads.  Will Pau fit into the triangle and other schemes of Phil Jackson.  The Celtics, despite their record and their talent, didn't have anyone who had a championship ring in their lineup until they signed Cassel and Brown.  

Now that all the hopes and dreams have materialized, expectations on viewership and interest have been met.  In the U.S. ratings were up almost 40% from previous year for ABC 7.  Here in the Philippines, the buzz is at an all time high.  In fact, game two (2) was the highest ever rated NBA game in the Philippines based on unofficial AC Nielsen numbers.  According to the same survey, RPN9 even overtook ABS-CBN2 and GMA7 for a short time right before noon in the 4th quarter of the game.  

Sometimes, you really just do your best to market the product and hope for the best circumstances to happen.  This is why we all love the NBA, where "the best possible finals matchup for the popularity of the league" happens.


pau said...

astig nagkataon pa kasing holiday yun e. sir jude ilang percent ang nakuha nyo?

onin said...

WOW LA BOSTON'S FINALS ROCKS sir jude check my blog

Judester said...

Game 2 averaged a 24.5% share. We don't have numbers for game 1 & 3 because we just asked AC Nielsen for a favor to give us unofficial ratings for the game during a holiday. Game 1 ratings should be out next week.

onin, please post your blog url.


Pepman said...

Sir Judester,
For the first time, RPN dominated the ratings.

- ABC-7, GMA-7, or ABC-5?
- Cassell not Cassel

Judester said...

Thanks for the spelling correction.

ABC7 is the broadcaster in the United States.


PauLo said...

kinda OT:

sir jude i've seen what will the upcoming tournaments covering btv and its good. i just like to ask if you can add more euroleague games next season and broadcast jason castro's stint in nbl.

thanks for having the broadcast of EURO 2008. im looking forward you will add more football leagues or games. like fifa tournament next year and 2010 wc qualifications. will you cover mls this year? and more boxing matches, because sometimes replay yung mga pinapalabas e.

god bless and more power!

Anonymous said...

Jude, it's nice to hear that RPN C/S still has high ratings as far as sports is concerned. I'm sure Studio 23 and the Lopez people are regretting their move to pull out BTV and Solar Sports from Skycable. This is proof that the Lopezes are becoming victims of their own karma. Their sports programs have bitten the dust against those of Solar.

onin said...

hi sir jude
i'm onin

sir jude does c/s sports have a replay of the nba finals?coz i don't have a cable connection so i cant watch the replay over btv please can u ask that nba finas has a replay of it in c/s on weekends plaease
www.babyonin.blogspot.com this is my blog url

Anonymous said...

Jude, congrats to the Celtics! They were simply the hungrier team. And congrats to C/S Sports. By the way, Studio 23 aired an old NCAA game on the same time slot as the NBA Finals today. The Lopezes are sure sore losers.

Anonymous said...

Jude, I read in the Philippine Star today that RPN President and CEO Orly Mercado has been appointed as Philippine Ambassador to China by Pres. Arroyo. With this development, Mr. Mercado may have to leave RPN. Will this affect Solar's relationship with the network?

Anonymous said...