Sunday, June 22, 2008

Go Green

Before the playoffs started, I joined an NBA bracket pool organized by Mo Twister, who is a huge NBA fan. I picked the Boston Celtics to beat the LA Lakers in 6 games. It was part because I thought those two teams had the best chance but also because I was hoping for the best possible matchup for all the fans. The only series that I got wrong was the Suns losing to the Spurs but I must admit that the Celts got me very nervous in the first round.

We received the ratings for the first 4 games of the finals and the numbers are very encouraging. All games hit #1 in the 4th quarter with games 1,2, and 4 staying at the top spot for over an hour! There were certain points in games 2 and 4 where the game had a 40% share towards the end of the game. Game 4's average share of 26% is the highest in the history of Philippine NBA coverage.

So the NBA and all the partner networks around the world join the Celtics in celebrating a glorious finals where the two best and most popular teams met and created interest the league has needed.