Thursday, June 26, 2008

Who's the Best? (this week)

This is it.  A personal project has come to fruition with the help of the Solar guys and of course the sports media.  We rank the top college basketball teams every week.  A group of sports media people have agreed to be part of a voting process to determine where each school stands every week leading up to the national championship.  Contributors include the Philippines Star, Manila Bulletin, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Pinoyexchange, BTV, Studio 23, Business Mirror, Universitybelt, Basketbolista, Manila Standard, Inboundpass, and Gamface.There are others and I will post the full list when I get it.  The winner of the Philippine Collegiate Championships will represent the Philippines in the World University Games in Serbia.  

I get to vote and I will post my rankings here every week.  The actual rankings based on everyone's contribution will be published in the Philippine Star sports section and various other publications/websites like Basketbolista, Pinoyexchange, Gameface, Inboundpass, and others.  This is a very subjective list but it's gonna be fun to see how it goes for the next few months as teams start beating up on each other.

My rankings for this week were as follows: 1.UE 2.SBC 3.ADMU 4.DLSU 5.FEU 6.CSJL 7.UST 8.JRU 9.ADU 10.MIT 11.SSC 12.NU 13.PCU 14.STI 15.EAC.  It is still pre season so a lot of uncertainties and many teams not having a lot of exposure.  


Anonymous said...

I love college hoops but I also want live UFC events back! I dunno why Balls got it from the original rights owner SolarSports but can you guys do something about it? elitexc is alright & all but theres nothing like ufc live events. Get it back from Balls pls!

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