Thursday, March 25, 2010

TV5 Para Sayo Kapatid

Although we do have quite a number of Free to Air channels right now in the Philippines, there is practically a duopoly as far as viewership is concerned. ABS-CBN and GMA corner about 3/4 of eyeballs when it comes to watching television, and they pretty much get the same share of TV Advertising Sales.

Last night was a re-launch of TV5 after Mediaquest, the media subsidiary of PLDT bought the station late last year. A Malaysian group had actually re-launched the channel less than 2 years prior renaming it from it's original identity "ABC5". After mild success in ratings wasn't converted into revenue, the Malaysians pulled out and a new dynamic group from the telecoms giant has stepped in. There has been buzz about the aggressiveness of the new TV5 so I wanted to get a glimpse of what they had to offer. A new logo, a cool station ID, a commitment to upgrading facilities, and solid shows for the masses was what they unveiled.
The new direction looks promising. Although they do have their work cut out for them, it is very refreshing to have a third player who seems to have a legitimate shot at becomming a challenger in the network wars. There were times when I did feel like I was watching a noontime variety show but I guess they really had to make the point that formidable personalities are on board ready to challenge for the top. Dolphy, Maricel Soriano, Ruffa Gutierrez, JC De Vera, Vic Soto, and Joey De Leon were just some of the heavyweights who performed last night. Paolo Bediones and Ryan Agoncillo hosted the affair which seemed to last over 3 hours.

The most impressive part for me was the fact that it seems there is finally a commitment for a major upgrade in infrastructure. This I think has been overlooked by all who want to be a major player. All the other channels try to do it by content only and not take care of the reach and distribution of the signal. With the resources of Smart/PLDT, it is actually believable that it might happen in this case.

I was a little dissapointed that the initial plans don't include sports but I guess you can't do it all at once. So good luck Sayo Kapatid, I hope your entry into the big leagues benefits the Filipino TV viewer in general.


James Ty III said...

Jude, I understand why TV5 didn't include sports. Their programming is filled with a lot of shows that have plenty of ABS and GMA talents.

Leave the sports to Solar. Even though the PBA on Solar TV has no sponsors yet, at least, Solar is a sports production company and the ads will start coming in at midstream.

jaemark said...

totally agree on your point about the equipment upgrade. i used to work for one of the two major networks, and i can say that the technical arms race between the two networks are as important, if not more so, than the content race.

for example, an overlooked factor in gma-7's dominance in mega manila stems from the fact that they have a better transmitter, giving clearer signal for most mega manila homes without cable. if you guys ever happen to go on an Edsa bus watching TV, chances are it's on GMA-7 because of the better reception.

the converse holds true for provinces, where ABS-CBN has an edge when it comes to regional stations. that's where the network is lording it over in the ratings.

nevalia said...

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Anonymous said...

If I may add to jaemark's post, I always ride the G Liner bus and their TV sets are tuned in to GMA precisely because of what jaemark said -- better reception.

Judester said...

I posted, clarity does matter as much as good content. If TV5 really does spend what they said they would, then a third major FTA player is a possibility.

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