Monday, March 1, 2010

Nonito Sr. vs Nonito Jr.

The YouTube video above is the very dramatic response of Nonito Donaire, Jr. to his father's accusations regarding their estranged relationship.

Nonito "The Filipino Flash" Donaire, Jr. is the next best thing in Philippine boxing after Manny Pacquiao. He has really been very unlucky after winning the title against Vic Darchinyan. He's had fights cancelled, postponed, fighters switched last minute, and even changed trainers in his title defenses. All throughout, the "Filipino Flash" has been very professional and just gone about his business and defended the Filipino's honor.

It has been an honor to know Nonito (Jun) and spend some time with him the past couple of years. I first met him with his dad, Nonito Sr. along with his then manager Gary Shaw during their first visit to Manila after winning the title. Jr. and Sr. seemed very tight at the time.

Last year, I was sad to find out that the relationship between Jun and his dad has deteriorated mainly because of Rachel Marcial Donaire, Jun's wife. I also know Rachel, and she is a tough, strong minded person. It is obvious that Nonito and her love each other very much. I can see how some can misunderstand her but I certainly think all she wants is the best for her husband. I've met Rachel's family as well and the champion couple has even been to my place during a Christmas Party a couple of years ago. We've been to a couple of parties together and we spent some time in Boracay last year as we all had a great time.

Last week, Nonito Sr. spoke out in public about his relationship with his son. He seems to have a deep seeded animosity toward Rachel and her family. Accusations about greed, control, and alienating the Donaire family from the current life of Jun. I really am not close enough to really know the real story or even details but I do know that it's tough not being in good terms with your dad. Here's the link to Nonito Sr.'s statements:

I don't know if this will ever get resolved but I do know that this must be eating up both Nonito's alive. Imagine not being able to share your success with your father who was with you from the beginning. I can't imagine having to sit on the sidelines while you watch your son rise to the top and become a glorious champion.

Maybe someday, we can witness a happy ending to this saga and even make a nice feel good movie about it eventually. Nonito Jr. is too good a person not to deserve both a championship belt and a good relationship with his dad.


Nix Nolledo said...

Hey Jude, nice article. I hope our future Pacman doesn't get distracted by all these. Hard not to I guess.

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