Saturday, March 6, 2010

Inspiring People to Care About the Planet

When I was studying my undergrad at Northwestern, I subscribed to two magazines. One was Sports Illustrated, the other, National Geographic (NatGeo). Working for Solar was such a perfect fit since I loved sports so much. Now working for FOX in the PH, the passion is just as strong because of the National Geographic Channel (NGC). All of us try to find fulfilment somehow in everything we do. To make a difference. To inspire people. To do good.
On Sunday, April 18 starting at 5am, NatGeo will be putting together a running event at the Mall of Asia to raise awareness for Earth Day, more specifically Climate Change. I think people's consciousness have been awakened somehow with typhoon Ketsana (Ondoy) affecting the lives of millions, including those you had to give their time, money and resources to help others. The "Earth Day Run" will support the project "Design Against the Elements" DAtE, a project headed by Illac Diaz to bring innovative solutions to vulnerable communities in developing countries. It was launched last Friday in Malacanang as a long term plan to be more prepared against Climate Change. It was my third time in Malacanang, the first two being because of sports, but this one will hopefully have a lasting impact for our country's future.

Why DAtE? Because it takes so much money and effort to react to floods and typhoons while it will continue to happen beyond our control. Let's focus our money and efforts in preparing everyone so that we won't have to keep on spending all that money and effort every time an "Ondoy" happens. Let's enable communities to fight without having to be displaced and continuously get aid.

I do hope and pray many many thousands join the April 18 run at the Mall of Asia. The registration fee will go towards creating awareness for Climate Change and supporting the DAtE project. Registration starts March 8.

To know more about DAtE, log on to

For more details and to sign up for the run visit the Nike outlet in High Street, and the Timex outlets in MOA and SM North EDSA or visit The registration fee/donation includes a very nice technical shirt from NatGeo in the race kit.

So let's go beyond being aware, let's make a difference and be accountable. Let's help build sustainable communities to fight against Climate Change. Let's run for Earth Day Awareness and continue on the road to a better future for everyone. Let's show the world how much we care. Join the thousands who will wake up early run (or walk) and be heard. A little sacrifice will Inspire People to Care About the Planet.


MinnieRunner said...

Hi Sir Jude, found your blog :)

I would like to thank you for redefining my perspective in running with our chat last Friday at Cafe Breton. :)

Surely, I will run!

Judester said...

Thanks @MinnieRunner! See you on April 18!


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