Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Empire Strikes Back

Most people actually probably don't care too much what's going on with the country's basketball program. Although I've given up my post in Solar for FOX, I do still care about sports in the Philippines. I've been busy with the new job but reading about how the progress of our basketball program might be derailed again, it got me irritated again.

Graham Lim, a foreigner who ruined the Philippines' international basketball stature, is like Jason from those Friday the 13th movies. He just keeps on coming back no matter how many times to seem to have gotten rid of him. I'm not really sure what exactly this guy has done, or why he still has some influence but he must have done the FIBA guys a huge favor at some point in his life because they seem to act like they owe him something.

He is supported by two politicians (now you know why things are getting screwed up) who also hasn't done anything for Philippine Basketball as long as I can remember. They have convinced FIBA that we were better off being 16th best in Asia instead of now having a legitimate chance of qualifying for the World Basketball Championships meaning we would be among the top 3. They have convinced FIBA that the SBP is doing even worse that when we were at our worse.

This is a slam dunk no brainer case of KSP from the BAP. Please move on and and get a life. Please.


Anonymous said...

Wow! You're now working for Fox?!? Good for you! Congratulations!
I do hope Solar can do its job well without you.

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