Sunday, March 29, 2009


Most of those involved have moved on from the most recent Pacquiao incident about TV rights.  For my part, I am certainly glad it's over as it was a huge unnecessary distraction mostly for Manny and his training but for me as well since it took a week out of selling advertising packages for the fight.  It was a stressful week to make sure the public knew the truth and was clear with Solar's position.

I am of the impression that most don't really care where the Pacman fights are televised.  The attention though I think given to the issue was mostly because of its ethical and moral implications.  Can someone really turn his back on contracts as easily as you deciding to switch cars when you want to replace the current?  Can a third party really claim they are free of any fault  just because they did not make the first move?

ABS-CBN, in my opinion was very sloppy in the way they handled the situation.  If I were going into a situation as high profile as Pacquiao's television contract agreement, I would absolutely make sure that I had a strong legal foundation to stand on.  At no time did a legal representative from Channel 2 go public because I am sure no lawyer in their right mind would want to justify and risk ridicule for defending what they did.  They ran with it based on a video and a letter that had no factual basis.  There also seemed to be a well orchestrated series of articles from one sportswriter that set the whole thing up.  But you need more than one sided articles and cowardly "unimpeachable" sources to see it through.

I also want to put into question the way Dyan Castillejo handled the situation based on Manny Pacquiao's account.  I have been a reporter for some international events including the NBA All Star Weekend and the Beijing Olympics.  The access given to us is to exclusively report on the event for our media entity.  We are specifically told that anything outside of what we're supposed to be doing would merit suspension of our privileges.  So using your access to get autographs, and making deals with athletes are out of bounds.  Ms. Castillejo used her access to broker a deal, not just report on Manny.

Manny Pacquiao has apologized.  ABS-CBN has not.  So I'm assuming the giant network does not see anything wrong with anything they did.  I am now curious to see if they will continue to cover Manny as extensively as they've done given what has transpired.  Because if the coverage suffers a significant decline, then maybe they were really just wooing our National Treasure to transfer.  


Mike said...

glad to know it's over. i think it was really unethical for abs to do that. however, i think pacquiao was also clearly not talking to his lawyers before committing to this.

he should just let his lawyers talk and he should just concentrate on fighting :)

Anonymous said...

all for a quick buck and logic goes out the door.

James Ty III said...

This only shows how ABS is trying to destroy Solar's good name and how Pacquiao is used as a willing tool of the Lopezes for their selfish ends.

Now we know why Sev Sarmenta left ABS.

Anonymous said...

How is it that all of a sudden ABSCBN has no comment about Manny's allegations? Where is Dyan to reiterate the studio's claim that no offers were made to Pacman?

Anonymous said...

dyan castillejo numero uno "trying hard wannabe boxing analyst".

back fire sa iyo yan dyan wannabe.


filipino pride!!

Anonymous said...