Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lessons from Kobe

I went with Vince & Patricia Hizon along with Dodot Jaworski & his kids.  The traffic around Ultra was at a standstill since the event coincided with the dismissal of St. Paul across the street.  I had already interviewed him a few times during my assignments  at the NBA All Stars but anytime you get a chance to see him up close, you gotta take it.

The most eventful part of the afternoon was when Kobe took aside Nico Salva from the Ateneo Blue Eagles and gave him about 20 minutes worth of personal instruction.  He went through part of his daily training routine on offense.

I thought two things Kobe said was worth taking note.  First, the attention to details.  You have to check film and practice to the extent of where you hold the ball while making your move.  It ensures protection from being stripped by placing it at the right place for the duration of the possession.  Details on the footsteps for the most efficient way to get the shot off.  

Once you've figured out the details, the second is in the repetition.  Muscle memory is learned even for the most difficult and spectacular plays.  Kobe seems to practice and repeat as many kinds of iterations possible from the basic to the complicated of shots.  The repetition also gets you tired enough to know the feeling so that you can adjust to the fatigue during the real game.

Kobe is as good as it gets right now as far as basketball is concerned.  It was a pleasure to see him again in the flesh. 


mikelao said...

i was there and that was also some of the things i learned from him. i was surprised at how meticulous he was when he was teaching salva the moves.

it made me realize that even the most difficult moves and fade-aways he does have all been practiced before in the gym.

it was my first time seeing kobe and it was a treat for me. since it was my first time seeing him, i made sure i had to capture the moments:

Judester said...

Nike has done a great job during his visits here. Although very controlled, Kobe was still able to connect somehow with the public.


Anonymous said...

kahit naman turuan pa ni kobe si james yap e hindi nagagawa nung tinuruan nya un dahil hindi naman sya si kobe

Judester said...

I think the point is that you can get closest to your potential through perfect practice. Not everyone is as gifted as Kobe but I'm sure there are others who are but didn't have the opportunity or the desire to work hard at achieving that potential. To play at your full potential is the goal.

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