Thursday, January 15, 2009

PBA TV Coverage Workshop

"There will always be room for improvement" was the message imparted by Bobong Velez, the former head of Vintage Enterprises who spoke earlier this week during a 3 hour workshop hosted by Solar in their main office in Makati.  It was a philosophy that propelled the PBA coverage in the late 80's and early 90's into the best sports entertainment available on television.  He praised the current coverage and encouraged everyone not to be complacent to improve even more.

Norman Black addressed the group as well as an analyst stressing the importance of credibility and making sure that commentators have to know more than the viewers.   Andy Jao touched on the duty to know the rules of the league to be able to convey them to the fans.  Ed Picson talked about the roles for the anchors and analysts during the coverage while Quinito Henson imparted how crucial it was to be prepared for a coverage.

The producers, directors, the commissioner's office, Solar managers along with the oncam talents attended.  Among the talents who attended were:  Norman Black, Paolo Trillo, Mico Halili, Magoo Marjon, Patricia Hizon, Vince Hizon, Peaches Aberin, Ed Picson, Quinito Henson, Jason Webb, Dominic Uy, Richard Del Rosario, Reema Chanco, Anthony Suntay, Ceska Litton, Vitto Lazatin, Marga Vargas, and Mica Abesamis.

For the most part, we talked about what was good with the coverage and what else needs to improve especially going into the semi finals.


Anonymous said...

Kaboom, is there still a chance that Sev Sarmenta will join the PBA TV panel in the finals or next conference? We want to see Sev in the PBA considering that he covered the league for many years.


Judester said...

I'm not sure James. The decision to assign the talents rest under the production group which I am only a talent.

As part of the Marketing group of Solar, I certainly don't have any objections to Sev being part of the panel but as I've mentioned, that is the discretion of the production team. Personally, I do think that he will eventually be part of the PBA lineup, it's just a matter of time.


lemuel said...

sana maging mabilis magupdate ang scoreboard ng pba sa tv kasi 4-5 seconds magupdate ang bagal dapat once maks shoot updated dapat agad ang scores like sa pbl and nba.. pansin ko mas maganda ang graphics ng pbl kesa sa pba sir jude more improvement pa sana and dapat ilipat ng timeslot ang newss watch kasi pag half time and start ng second game parang bitin sa oras yung pag analysis ng commentator and mag palabas din po kayo ng mga music videos mixing with p.b.a. highlihts parang sa n.b.a thanks sir jude keep up the good work god bless we will always support all solar channels and pba.. --lhem

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