Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Lineup

Only Three (3) didn't show up. Norman Black and Jason Webb were in Pampanga for the MyMVP shoot for TV5, and there was a miscommunication with Dominic Uy. The commentator's orientation was requested by the commissioner and I'm glad we did it. I introduced the new philosophy of the coverage while Solar COO Peter Chanliong, PBA Commissioner Sonny Barrios, and Chairman Joaqui Trillo gave short talks. Andy Jao was the guest speaker touching on his over 25 years of sports broadcasting experience in the Philippines.

Andy's talk was very refreshing and he had a lot of insights and stories that was very relevant to all of us.

After a lot of discussion and review with the production team and the PBA commissioner's office the main list of on cam commentators who have been invited to join are:

1. Mico Halili
2. Vitto Lazatin
3. Ed Picson
4. Paolo Trillo
5. Jude Turcuato

1. Norman Black
2. Danny Francisco
3. Quinito Henson
4. Vince Hizon
5. Jason Webb

1. Richard Del Rosario
2. Patricia Hizon
3. Eric Reyes
4. Anthony Suntay
5. Dominic Uy

1. Peaches Aberin
2. Reema Chanco
3. Lia Cruz
4. Ceska Litton
5. Marga Vargas

There are others who will be part of the roster but this is the initial list approved by the PBA and Solar. I hope all will accept the invitation and be part of the coverage.


James said...

Jude, how come Sev Sarmenta isn't part of the list? How were the talks between Solar and him? Pls. update us.


Anonymous said...

ngayon na sa solar entertainment na ang broadcast ng PBA. sana wala na bias sa three teams ni cojuanco san miguel, purefoods at lalo na ginebra.

kung kailangan i-criticize yun laro ng bawat player. gawin natin. talaga dito natin makikita na wala tayo pinapanigan homegrown talent ka man o fil-am or corporation man yun binabanga niyo.

maging patas sana po sa coverage.

very nice line up. thank you!

more power kaboom!

Anonymous said...

obvious kasi yun pag cover ng ABC5 and TV5.. pano kay cojuanco.
panig lagi sa mga team nila.

wag ganun..


Pepman said...

Something wrong...
Dapat mag-exchange ng position sina Richard Del Rosario at Paolo Trillo.

And Danny F. must be careful of his heart.

Only my opinion.

Anonymous said...

boss, will you cover/air the PBA preseason games?

AlvinPurefoods said...

Bakit court side lang si richard del rosario? nakakatawa pa naman sya. Sana si DR. J din nasa line up and si ex commish-love his quotable quotes lalo na pag kasama nya si the DEAN(nostalgiac lang). Pero overall ganda lineup. Sports and Entertainment talaga.

AlvinPurefoods said...

Forgot lang...
Welcome back Anthony Suntay and Vince(not as a player) sa PBA.

James said...

To alvinpurefoods: Andy Jao is a team manager with Red Bull. He is not allowed to cover any PBA game.

alvinpurefoods said...

Fantasy lang naman ung kay DR.J kaw naman.

Anonymous said...

hi.. pls.. pki bago po ung coverage.. sana po iharap n sa bench ung camera para may buhay ung laro..


Anonymous said...

oo nga po pki bago na.. mas masaya kung nakaharap na sa bench ung camera.. pra nkikita ung mag moves sa bench.. thanks

Anonymous said...


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