Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Case of the Missing ID

Everyone in Araneta seemed to be confused as to why Chris Tiu shot two free throws before the Ateneo-La Salle game even started.  The newspapers the next day attributed it to the violation of the Archer coaching staff by not wearing their ID's for the game.  

I actually thought it was because of an infraction that happened during the round robin warmups.  I was on the Patron area close enough to really see a lot of the action.  One of the DLSU players (I think it was Barua), in his eagerness and probably adrenalin leading up to the game dunked the ball and hung on the rim for a few seconds.  A whistle from a referee followed who saw what happened.  He then started talking to the player explaining that you can't hang on the rim even during warmups.  So when Tiu shot free throws before the jump ball, it seemed logical that the foul shots were because of a technical called for hanging on the rim.

Giving free throws for something unrelated to the actual game (like not wearing ID's) seems a little inappropriate.  Failure to follow rules unrelated to the game play should have consequences that are also unrelated to the game.  Maybe a monetary fine, some sort of reprimand was in order but not a penalty that has potential to effect the actual game.  

Now coach Pumaren is claiming selective implementation citing the UST coaching staff also guilty of the same violation but with no free throws given to the opponent.  


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